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  • Dernière modification de la publication :25 janvier 2012

The HITT project, underpinned by 2 million Euro from the European Union, will provide vocational tourism training in Benin, Cambodia, Ghana, Mali, Mozambique, Nepal and Vietnam – countries where tourism is increasingly a leading source of employment and economic growth

The HITT programme provides informal sector workers – especially women, young people and the unskilled and semi-skilled – with market-oriented, vocational training.

Enhanced skill levels will enable such workers to gain better job positions, higher wages and greater employment security. At the same time they should develop the know-how and contacts to capitalize on opportunities and help grow the sector in which they work, in a sustainable and pro-poor way.

The programme is being piloted in the tourism sector in seven of the world’s least developed countries. To guarantee HITT’s effectiveness and sustainability, SNV is working in partnership with local organisations to implement the programme. The target is to train 8,000 workers in total and for the approach to be adopted in other Asian and sub Saharan African developing countries.

More details at www.hitt-initiative.org