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The African Ecovillage Network assists educates and supports villages and communties towards self sufficiency, through social entrepreneurship and development of grassroots projects, while building solidarity and cooperation between people.

We encourage, advise and teach communties to use clean energy, water purification and desalination processes, and actively encourage people to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Regarding the land and food we promote organic farming and permaculture. For example growing local medicinal plants, planting trees as windbreaks, saving endangered species of plants and crops, growing fruit trees, composting with zero waste, use of bio-digesters. Hand in hand with this we share the importance of the conservation of ecosystems.

Regarding building and construction we promote building with natural local materials, using both tried and tested traditional methods and crafts, combined with modern design and building techniques.

For the people we offer new paradigms in schooling, medicine, ecotourism, eco-farm retreats, and much more.